Richmond Borough Mind

Marie McCormack

Voluntary Youth Wellbeing Trainer, age 28

I feel passionate about mental health awareness and I feel it is so important for young people to be aware of how to keep well. As a young person I had my own mental health problems and it would have been good to know more about how to stay okay.

My presentation skills have grown and I feel much more confident when talking in front of people. Delivering a session is a great feeling; seeing the young people engage and connecting with them to give them tips on wellbeing. 

I have really grown so much in skills and confidence and it feels really good to know we have reached so many people through the project. Hearing positive feedback from the young people helps to know that they took something from the Mindkit sessions.

Georgie Williams 

Voluntary Youth Wellbeing Trainer, age 30

I love animals, House MD, lush and art. I've been a volunteer with Richmond Borough Mind for over three years and before that I was a service user in the Peer Group Network. I've been involved in Mindkit since I first heard about the funding. I really wanted to be involved because I felt there was a need for mental health awareness and support for young people as it hadn't improved since I was at school.

I co-delivered every session during my year as a Mindkit trainer and delivered sessions ranging from 1 to 400 participants; my favourite was police cadets as they were engaging, respectful and came up with some great answers.

My confidence has increased and I've written and delivered training sessions outside Mindkit. I'd recommend Mindkit to anyone interested in youth wellbeing as it's an amazing opportunity and a great experience.

Amy Neequaye

Voluntary Youth Wellbeing Trainer, age 22

I am an Education Studies graduate from St Mary's University, Twickenham. I enjoy being expressive and creative through writing, fashion, beauty and cooking. I was attracted to the project because I'm passionate about the social and emotional wellbeing of young people, particularly in education settings. 

Mental health is an issue young people are facing in education. It's only recently that we're starting to talk about it in schools and colleges, removing the stigma attached. I want to promote this. 

Volunteering as a Youth Wellbeing Trainer at Mind gives me the experience I need; of raising mental health awareness in schools and colleges, and to help start my career in education and student welfare. Delivering a Mindkit session is a great feeling, especially when the young people have positive feedback. It's amazing to hear you have reached out to people.

Samuel Benjamin

Voluntary Youth Wellbeing Trainer, age 22

My name is Samuel and I love to spend time listening to music (especially Taylor Swift). I also love to play and design computer games.

I was attracted to Mindkit because I wanted to help others who may have had or are having a hard time with mental health and help others to get through it.

I have gained so much from Mindkit such as so much more confidence when talking to others. I have learnt to be myself around others. I feel the most important thing I have gained is some of the most amazing friends I will ever meet who are so supportive and help me gain confidence to express myself helping me to talk to others about my own personal story of mental health.

Shan Ran

Voluntary Youth Wellbeing Trainer, age 27

After suffering from a major psychotic episode at my undergraduate institution, I began to wonder whether I would have developed psychosis so easily had I been taught how to manage my stress levels at an earlier age. 

When I saw the advert for Youth Wellbeing Trainers for Mindkit, I knew I had to apply! Even though I hate public speaking and am really shy, I wanted to help young people and teach them more about mental wellbeing and resilience. Maybe I could help even one person recognise early symptoms of potential psychosis; then they wouldn't have to go through what I went through. 

Starting the training was daunting, due to all the new information and unfamiliar faces but I am so glad that I persevered and completed it. Being part of Mindkit has helped improve my self-confidence and my self-esteem, which had been rock bottom for too long. I've never been part of such a supportive team before and am proud to be part of Cohort 2 of the Youth Wellbeing Trainers. I would recommend the project to anyone and everyone! It's changed my life for the better.

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