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Mental Health Awareness programme

Richmond Borough Mind has launched a Mental Health Awareness training programme. The training is offered on a half-day or one-day basis to suit your individual or organisational requirements.

Target Audience

The training is suitable for anyone in public facing roles in either a paid or voluntary capacity, and for staff teams or groups wishing to boost levels of mental health awareness in their workplace.

Reasons to attend

Reduced staff turnover and absence

Improved staff morale in workplace

Better provided customer service

Increased productivity of work

Increased inclusivity and diversity

Avoiding stigmatisation

'Mental illness is widespread and is generally more debilitating than most chronic physical conditions… nearly half of all ill health in those younger than 65 years is due to mental illness and only a quarter of those needing treatment receive it.' 
(How Mental Health Loses Out in the NHS, London School of Economics Centre for Economic Performance – 2012)

Half-day mental health awareness session

Developing more confidence to talk about mental health

Understanding stigma and its impacts

Awareness of causes of mental ill-health

Overview of types of mental ill-health

Models of disability and person centred approach

One-day mental health awareness session 

Challenging commonly held assumptions and prejudices.

Recognising behaviours that may indicate underlying mental ill-health.

Understanding how mental health is assessed.

Developing a basic understanding of a range of conditions.

Exploring the use and availability of possible treatment options.

Discussing the benefits and problems of getting a diagnosis.

Exploring the relationship between equality issues and mental health.

Key steps to support someone suffering mental ill-health.

Thank you – very informative. Certainly made me more aware of the pointers to look for and how I might help.”
(Trainee, Kew Community Trust, January 2016)    

Organisations we have worked with already

Kew Community Trust

National Physical Laboratory

Richmond Adult Community College

Richmond Sports Development Team 

Contact Trainer

For more information about booking a training session, please contact or 020 8948 7652.

Training can be delivered at your premises, or alternatively we may be able to help you identify a suitable venue if required.

If your organisation needs advice on applying for funding to cover the cost of the training session please contact for more information.

Trainer Biography

Yvonne is a Mental Health Awareness trainer for Richmond Borough Mind where she is also a Volunteer Coordinator and Peer Officer. She has worked for Local Mind Associations since 2002 and currently provides regular training sessions for Richmond Borough Mind volunteers in key subject areas such as Boundaries, Safeguarding, Confidentiality, Assertiveness and Equality.

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