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Reflection - Film Viewing for Sunday 24th October Postponed

As part of our Autumn schedule of activities surrounding RB Mind's reflection project a film viewing at the Odeon was scheduled to take place this upcoming Sunday 24th October 2010 at 3.00pm. The film viewing was meant to consist of a number of features that RB Mind has produced over the past few months.

However due to circumstances beyond the organisation's control, the film viewing on Sunday has been postponed. This is due to the Odeon making a number of significant mistakes in the booking made months in advanced, and despite RB Mind double checking the status of this booking, we have only just found out that the film viewing will now not be possible for this upcoming Sunday and hence the decision has been made to postpone the viewing of the documentary to a later date in a different location which we will be announcing at a later date.

In light of this - RB Mind staff and volunteers will be in the main foyer at Richmond Odeon handing out copies of the these features on Sunday 24th October as we are in the process of mass producing a significant number of DVD's to hang out to individuals who turn up on Sunday. If you were interested in attending Sunday's viewing please contact us on and a copy of these features will be sent to you. Copies are limited, and deadline for notification is 30th November 2010.

About the Film: These features included a 'Reflection' documentary highlighting the past 50 years of mental health in Richmond following the closures of a number of asylums and the subsequent developments after the creation of the first mental health act that gave rise to the creation of then Twickenham Mind. Additionally a set of 3 vignettes were to be shown which follows service users to different locations in Richmond discussing their relationship with places across the borough and their mental health. These short films are the first of their kind to focus on mental health in Richmond, and have been done in collaboration between service users, volunteers and service providers. RB Mind is extremely proud and thankful for their contribution.

RB Mind would like to apologise for this inconvenience which is unfortunately beyond our control.

The RB Mind Reflection Team

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