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Carers in Mind Project Developments & Recruitment

Richmond Borough Mind has been supporting and providing services for Mental Health Carers for over 12 years.  The project initially started as a single carer led support group which was then awarded funding for a part-time support worker from the Local Authority Carer’s Grant. In 2008 the project was awarded additional funding for a full-time project co-ordinator with a remit to develop the services offered by the project and to create opportunities for strategic partnership work with statutory services and providers.

During the last 18 months the project has grown significantly and during 2009/10 it provided nearly 600 breaks to 150 Mental Health Carers in the borough. The project has also been involved in a significant amount of multi-agency development work and service development; working with South West London and St George’s Trust, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and more recently NHS Richmond. The project has also worked in partnership with other third sector organisations within the borough especially the key strategic leads for Carers in the borough, Richmond Carers Centre and Crossroads.

As an outcome to a funding bid submitted to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames the Carers in Mind has been awarded additional funding. This funding will go towards the recruitment of Carers Support Worker. This 18 hour a week post will be based in Richmond and lead on providing a number of specialist support services for mental health carers. 

RB Mind would like to take this opportunity to thank the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames for this additional income for the organisation. Additionally we would like to publicly thank Kim Willson the current Project Coordinator who over the past 18 months has played a crucial role in the developments undertaken by the Carers in Mind Project. 


The Carers in Mind is also in the process of recruiting a Carers in Mind Support Worker to join the Carers in Mind team. For more information on this particular post can be found by clicking here. The deadline to submit applications for this post is for the 10th of June 2010. With interviews scheduled to take place on the 21st of June 2010.  

If you would like to learn more about our Carers in Mind Project please click here or e-mail If you would like more information about the current position we are recruiting for please contact us on


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