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'Cracking Up!' on event for Mental Health Carers on World Mental Health Day

Richmond Borough Mind invites Mental Health Carers to ‘Cracking Up!’ in celebration and recognition of World Mental Health Day 

Since 1992, the 10th of October has been widely recognized as World Mental Health Day, this was set up to raise greater public awareness and understanding of mental health. Local mental health charity Richmond Borough Mind (RB Mind) this year is taking this opportunity to announce an event for and highlight the issues relating to Mental Health Carers. 


People with mental health problems experience prejudice and discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives, with stigma often being more disabling than the illness itself. It’s doubly difficult for families and friends, because they can see what’s happening to the person they care for and they also have the experience of stigma themselves.


Families and friends are often unable to talk about their experiences. Stigma prevents families and friends from being able to talk openly about their own difficulties they are experiencing. Kim Willson, Manager of the Carers in Mind Project commented that ‘’We need opportunities for families and friends to share their experiences with other people who can understand them and where they feel safe. Being unable to talk about what is happening can be one of the most damaging effects of mental illness. We need to talk.’’


On October 10th World Mental Health Day, Richmond Borough Mind is celebrating with the comedy show ‘Cracking Up!’ an event for families and friends. We want to highlight the need to smash stigma not only for people with mental health problems, but also for the people who love them who are so badly affected by the stigma of mental illness as well. The impact on families is often forgotten, or unnoticed, as it is so hard for them to speak out.


"Humour is powerful," says the show's producer, Maya Twardzicki. "You can communicate with an audience effectively if you make them laugh. People are reluctant to talk about mental health, but comedy can grab their attention." The comedian John Ryan one of the shows comedians commented, "Mental health is one of the great taboos in society. It is something we fear. I like the idea of pushing that boundary."


The show will be at The Langdon Down Theatre, Teddington and has been sponsored by NHS Richmond, the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames and Richmond Borough Mind. Radio 4 will be recording the show to use in their programme ‘All in the Mind’. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Carers in Mind on or by calling us on 020 8940 7384 

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