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RB Mind & the People’s Network has changed my life


“RBMind and the People’s Network has changed my life”

On Thursday 3rd June at York House, our new Mayor, David Marlow awarded the certificates of Richmond Borough Mind’s new 35-hour Peer Volunteer training programme.  This programme, part of RBMind’s People’s Network, trains people who are - or have been - in contact with mental health services to run wellbeing groups.

At the award ceremony and celebration Mayor David Marlow said  “I am delighted to support this vital programme, which helps people to develop their skills and to help each other”.  The graduates will become RB Mind Peer Volunteers and will be launching groups over the summer.  Groups will be diverse, from Art, to Women educating themselves about mental health. 

The celebrating graduates spoke passionately about the project in front of friends and family and community agencies.   Jo, a graduate of the training said “Mind and the People’s Network project has changed my life ... life felt pretty hopeless and I had no idea what to do... With the peer led training I have started to hope again… and at last I feel positive about the future.“

Sarah Bristow-Bailey (RB Mind), who started the People’s Network, was keen to stress the talent of RB Mind’s clients and graduates.  “We have put clients at the heart of providing a service.   We actively support, and have confidence in, people developing as role models who can give real hope and understanding.  We also help people develop skills and confidence so they are better equipped to go on and do different things.  The Peer Volunteers are living proof that, especially with the right support, people have the power to help themselves and each other”

 The next training programme will be running in December, and groups will be launching throughout the summer.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact Claire Blackburn (RBMind Peer Volunteer officer) on 07827 491 325 or  RB Mind is also looking for volunteers that can share their skills to administer and publicise the People’s Network.  If you can help please get in touch.   

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental distress and you would like to find out more about the many services RB Mind offers please look at the website or contact RB Mind HQ on 020 8772 5687.   


For more information Contact:

Claire Blackburn (Peer Volunteer Officer) 07827 491 325

Or  Emma King (Chief Executive) 020 8772 5687


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