Richmond Borough Mind

Information on Benefit Changes & Support


In light of the many proposed changes in benefits which the coalition government is seeking to implement, Richmond Borough Mind has witnessed an ongoing level of anxiety amongst it's users. In light of this RB Mind over the months of November and December have attended and organised a number of events in partnership with Richmond Aid to offer information and to consult on these changes directly with service users and their family and friends. 

We would like to share some information we have collated around these changes, to offer as much information as possible to members of the public. You will find in this page many documents that have been produced by Richmond Aid, National Mind and RB Mind. 

Our aim is to assist service users and family and friends by giving information on what these benefits are, and what sources of support currently exist in the borough. You can also find below RB Mind's formal feedback to the proposed local changes to health and social care provision, which has also been introduced in the midst of these changes. 

Please consult with the documents below, if you require more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 877 5687 or e-mail us on


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