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Have you used mental health services in Richmond?

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Equality within Mental Health in Richmond – a study exploring the lived experience of Mental Health Carers and Service Users.

Richmond Borough Mind, in conjunction with Radar, is conducting a study of individuals who have been a user of, or have cared for someone who have used mental health services within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. We are also exploring experiences of mental health, recovery and wellbeing.

The purpose of the study is to collect views on:

•    How you understand mental health and mental distress
•    Your experiences of mental health services
•    Your lived experience of mental health in Richmond
•    Your suggestions for the future of services that are more responsible to some of your needs

We are seeking to recruit 30 Mental Health Service Users, and 30 Mental Carers from the following groups to undertake a questionnaire:

•    black and minority ethnic communities
•    people living with disabilities
•    older people
•    young adults
•    lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people

We also seek 10 Mental Health Service Users and 10 Mental Health carers to participate in a focus group. Taking part will first of all involve filling in a survey questionnaire and participation in a focus group discussion. You can decide to do both or just one. All researchers involved in this study are also people with either an understanding of or have lived experience of mental health issues.

Contact Darren Vella for more information on 0207 1950 120 or email

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