Richmond Borough Mind

Become an RB Mind Service User Trustee

Over the past months RB Mind has been hosting a number of Service User Forum meetings as part of the organisation become much more inclusive about how it conducts its work, and to engage and ensure users help shape the work of the organisation. 

RB Mind's 4th Service User Forum is taking place on: 

Monday 22nd August 2011

Time: 10.30am till Noon

Where: Richmond Royal Hospital Room G22, Kew Foot Rd Richmond. 

The Session on Monday will be a special edition one discussing two things in particular;

1. Future Services - We will be discussing some of the themes of the away days we have had thus far with Trustees, Staff, and Carers. Hence we will be looking at potential future work RB Mind can focus on. Hence it will be good for all of us to ensure that as many users are as aware of Monday's meeting as possible.

2. Service User Trustee Selection - In the mean time we will also be asking anyone who is interested in becoming a service user trustee, to attend this meeting. In this meeting we will kindly ask all interested individuals the following questions;

- Why do you want to become an RB Mind Service User Trustee?
- How would you go about representing the views of Service Users as an RB Mind Trustee?
- What do you think you will be able to bring as a Service User Trustee?

After they have answered them - the forum will decide which candidates the trustees will formally consider as new service user trustees.

3. Follow Up Discussions -  We will also be reviewing our current discussions and updating each other on progress being made in relation to these. These can be found below. 

4. Roles - For anyone interested in any of the current service user involvement roles, please do check out

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please do not hesitate to RB Mind main support office number, or email on 

   with us