Richmond Borough Mind

Integration of RB Mind's One to One Wellbeing Service

Over the past 18 months Richmond Borough Mind has been providing a One to One Wellbeing Service based on the principles of the Recovery Star, a goal oriented approach to assist individuals identify their personal aspirations and goals and with one to one support achieve them. This has been a limited service, as it had very little funding allocated to it. 

Over the past year RB Mind has been working closely with its Service User Forum to identify the core areas of work which it believes are key and imperative to their needs. Through this process it was identified that RB Mind's Wellbeing Centres provide a key service which many believed we should focus on, and that within our new approach we adopt more structured support to individuals. 

In discussion with RB Mind's Commissioners and Service Users it was seen that an appropriate approach to take going forward into the next financial year which starts in April 2012 is to amalgamate the approaches developed within the One to One Wellbeing Service into the wider functions of the RB Mind Wellbeing Centres. 

This will mean that our One to One Wellbeing Service will cease to exist as a separate service and exist within RB Mind's Wellbeing Centres. RB Mind will no longer accept any new referrals for the One to One Wellbeing Service beyond February 2012, and notify all existing and completed clients that this shall be taking place. We do not forsee this to cause any disruption to service users as this service is a time limited intervention. 

If you have any questions about this service change or any other questions regarding services provided by Richmond Borough Mind please do not hesitate to contact Darren Vella, Services Manager on or contact on 0207 1950 120. 

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