Richmond Borough Mind

New Staff at Richmond Borough Mind

Richmond Borough Mind is a charity that offers a wide range of services to people who suffer from mental health distress. Our services have ranged from drop in centres, social centres and counselling services. Under the leadership of Emma King the director of Richmond Borough Mind, the organisation is now growing and diversifying the support and services it offers to take into account the diverse needs of our clients.

As of July 2008, a new Community Development Project was launched with Bertine De Jongh acting as its project worker. The project aims to bring together the diverse communities of Richmond in order to have an active part in shaping the mental health services in the area. For more information on our Community Development Project please contact Bertine De Jongh via telephone on 0750 8870501 or e-mail at

Richmond Mind for the past years has had an active Carers Project that offers carers support, opportunity to take breaks alongside access to information via a Carers Library. We are happy to Welcome Kim Willson who has now taken on the role of Carers Project Coordinator to continue to take The RBMind Carers Project forward. Kim together with other guests will be hosting her first project event on Friday 25th of September. For more information on this event or anything related to The RBMind Carers Project please contact Kim Willson via telephone on 020 8940 7384 or e-mail at

Together with our new project staff, Richmond Borough Mind’s Senior Management team has also increased in capacity. As of the 1st of September Darren Vella will be acting as Service Manager. Darren will be overseeing Mind’s new projects (including those mentioned above) and create new programmes that will start to be rolled out in the upcoming months. Darren will be working alongside Emma King to ensure Mind continues to consolidate its current services and plans effectively for the future. If you would like more information about changes occurring at Mind please contact Darren Vella via telephone on 020 8772 5687 or e-mail at

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