Richmond Borough Mind

Volunteering with RB Mind

RB Mind is incredibly lucky to have the enthusiastic support of around 100 volunteers without whom our services could not flourish as successfully as they do.  Volunteers support each of our projects in different ways such as: helping to run an activity group (e.g. drama, creative writing or music appreciation) in our Wellbeing Centre; making sense of figures and paperwork in the office; running stalls at our community fairs; cultivating a wide range of plants through our Ecotherapy projects; counselling and running groups; and so much more.

Please take a look at our volunteering page for more details on how you can get involved.

Gift Donations

We welcome donations of food, clothing, blankets, bric a brac, any art materials, and musical instruments that could support service users completing their various well-being projects. Our projects provide recreational facilities and a place to learn new skills or build on existing ones. Arts and crafts, photography, pottery and computer workshops are just some of the activities which take place. Any donations of paper, crayons, paints, oils, clay, film and printer cartridges are invaluable to us. Either way, you can be certain that your donations will directly reach those those most in need.

Alternatively if you think you have a particular skill or gift that we could use for a fundraising event please let us know.

You can donate by contacting us via e-mail.

Become a Trustee or Advisor

Our Trustees are volunteers with a variety of skills and abilities. Some have been carers or users of mental health services previously and all our Trustees contribute to making RB Mind one of the key providers of mental health services in the Borough. They do this in their own free time. Hence, one of the most valuable contributions that you could make is to get involved as either a Trustee or an Advisor. Think you can rise to the challenge? If you do, then please email

Recycling print cartridges

You can also raise money for us by recycling your inkjet printer cartridges. Contact for your free envelope to recycle used cartridges and support us at the same time.

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