Richmond Borough Mind’s Board of Trustees is responsible for our governance and strategic direction. The Board is accountable for everything we do and ensures we meet our aims and objectives. Trustees will monitor our activities to ensure risk and safeguarding is well managed and that we provide quality services for all we aim to reach.

We have up to twelve trustees on our Board, with a range of skills. We aim to have a Board that reflects our community and most of our trustees have a professional or personal understanding of mental health issues. Members have terms of office lasting three years. They are eligible to stand for a maximum of two terms (six years in total). The Full Board meets every 2 months and is supported by a number of committees.

Our current trustees:

Richard Hurst

Richard is Chair of RB Mind. Richard has had an eclectic career as a director of companies in a variety of fields. He has also served as a Trustee of several charities, including ten years with RADA, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He enjoys working as a volunteer with several local arts organisations. He has a personal interest in mental health issues, particularly in opening them up for discussion and greater understanding.

Philip Congdon

Philip is Treasurer of RB Mind. He is a Chartered Accountant and has been finance director of a number of companies, mostly in the high-tech sector. He has recently moved to the charity sector and spent two years as Treasurer of StreetInvest, a local Richmond charity, before joining RB Mind. He is passionate about improving mental health and is currently also studying for a BSc in psychology and counselling at the Open University.

Kim Tasso

Kim runs a consultancy business serving professional practices across the UK and acts as a Non-Executive Director for property businesses. She is qualified in management, marketing,  psychology and counselling. She is also a journalist, author of six books and co-editor of a thriving local community Facebook page. She has lived in Twickenham for over 30 years and raised her two children there as a single mum. Kim is passionate about improving access to mental health support – particularly for young people.

Monika Waller

Monika is a consultant working in the IT industry. She’s degree educated and received her MA in HR Management from London Metropolitan University. She’s been working in various HR roles in the corporate environment for over 18 years and gained experience supporting large HR and business transformation programmes. Monika is currently studying for her MSc in Applied Positive Psychology as she’s very interested in psychological wellbeing and mental hygiene.

Colette Noé

Colette is a Senior Insights and Strategy professional with extensive experience working in marketing in large multinationals both in, and outside, the UK. Colette lives in the Richmond Borough with her two children. She is passionate about reducing the stigma associated with mental health, particularly with the next generation of young people.

Joanna Nakielny

Joanna trained as a doctor in Sheffield, specialised in psychiatry and became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1992. Following a number of years working as a psychiatrist in the NHS, Joanna left full-time clinical practice to work in the pharmaceutical industry, where she was initially involved in research on medicines for psychiatric illnesses. During her career in Pharma she held senior leadership roles in the UK, EU and globally, lastly as Senior Vice President for Global Clinical Safety at GlaxoSmithKline, from which she retired in 2018. Joanna has a Master’s degree in Organisational Behaviour and is a trained business coach. She would like there to be more integrated help for, and acceptance of, people suffering mental ill health.

Lisa Leonard

Lisa is a Chartered Physicist (CPhys), having held several roles across academia, industry, and government organisations. She is currently an independent consultant. Prior to this, Lisa worked at the National Physical Laboratory and in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy specialising in regional strategy. She is passionate about open discussion and acceptance of mental health especially in connection with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sector.

Nasrin Farahani

Nasrin is a senior leader in a large academy with schools across the UK. She began her career as an interpreter and then as the Head of Commission for Racial Equality in Hammersmith. She found her vocation in teaching English as a second language to support students to integrate fully into society and lead fulfilling lives. She went on to have over two decades experience of leading and managing large, complex and multi-faceted voluntary organisations, supporting mental health service users, schools, further and higher education colleges in urban and rural settings. As a head of school, she witnessed the diverse range of mental health issues that young people were grappling with. As her awareness of mental health issues grew, so did her passion and enthusiasm to support. She is training to become a qualified counsellor to directly support individuals but also joined as a Trustee with RB Mind to make a difference at a strategic level.

Samuel Hopcroft

Samuel is a civil servant working in the Department for Education. He brings experience in strategy and delivery across the public and third sector. Samuel grew up in the Richmond area and has experienced struggling with mental health problems. He is passionate about making improvements to the mental health system and previously led on mental health strategy at National Mind.