Resources for Carers

If you are supporting someone with severe mental health problems you may need different kinds of information, advice and guidance at different times. 

Sometimes the mental health system itself can be very confusing – it can be called the ‘Mental Health Maze’ and trying to access the correct services can be confusing.

You need to learn about the illness. I had to learn through trial and error before I got some support. The more carers can understand as early as possible, the better it is for both the service user and the carer – I wanted to do the right thing but just didn’t know what to do on my own.

We believe it is very important for families and friends to have access to effective tools, tips and strategies to support them in their role. Sometimes the most effective ways of responding are not the most obvious and it is important you have access to specialist advice and guidance.

RB Mind worked in partnership with the NHS to create the Mental Health Carers Handbook, designed to help meet these particular challenges of being a mental health carer. Our ‘Coping with Caring’ workshops are based on this material.

The Mental Health Carers Handbook

This handbook covers a wide range of topics that can be helpful for families and friends. It was developed with local carers, service providers and commissioners to ensure that you have access to good quality information relevant to your caring role. Please contact us to arrange getting a hard copy of the handbook, unfortunately we are unable to post them.

The handbook can be downloaded as individual PDFs below. 


Mental Health Disorders, Getting Help And Possible Treatments

Responding To Difficult Behaviour Symptoms

The Recovery Approach

Whole Family Recovery

Improving Family Communication

The Mental Health Maze – Working With Mental Health Professionals

Jargon Buster

For further resources please visit the central Mind website


Coping with Caring Workshops

This series of workshops aims to compliment the Mental Health Carers Handbook and looks at some key topics to support you in your role. The workshops run at least twice a year, depending on demand. You can find details of all our support groups and workshops here

Carers in Mind Newsletter

This is a regular newsletter, which gives you information on local and national topics that will help keep you up to date on the current news and developments that are relevant for people supporting someone with severe mental health problems. 

The newsletter goes out to our registered carers. If you’re a carer whose not registered with Carers in Mind, and would like some support please contact the team on 020 8940 7384 or email [email protected]