Support for Carers

Supporting someone can be rewarding, but the strains and responsibilities of caring can also affect your own mental and physical wellbeing. 

You may experience a whole range of difficult emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, stress, worry and anxiety. These emotions are natural and talking about how you are feeling with people who understand can be really helpful. 

You can talk to some people who haven’t had any experience of it, but at the end of the day they just don’t understand

Families and friends can become socially isolated and it is important you have the opportunity to socialise and meet other people who understand what it is like to be in your caring role. Using support groups and other opportunities for you to meet and share your experiences with other carers can be invaluable.

As a carers support service we believe in Whole Family Recovery and we are aware of the impact on the whole family when someone is experiencing severe mental health problems. 

Different members of a family can be at different stages of their own recovery journey and this can sometimes cause conflict unless it is understood and recognised. We are able to meet you and other members of your family who are also providing support together, or, meet with you individually. 

One to One Support

We are able to arrange for a one to one support session to help you to identify your current concerns and to look at some actions that may help you at this time. We can discuss ways of protecting your own health and wellbeing and refer you to other services that are available for you locally. Sessions can be face-to-face, or by telephone or video call.

Online Support Groups and Educational Workshops

We have a range of online support groups and educational workshops, giving you the opportunity to talk to other carers in a safe and confidential space. You can find a list of all the groups and workshops we are currently running and registration details here

Social Activities 

We have regular social activities including a monthly lunch, giving you the opportunity to meet other carers in a relaxed and informal environment and giving you a well deserved treat!