Helping Yourself now

The following are a series of resources to help and guide you, and ideas and helpful hints on how to improve your mental health.


An online course that aims to help you to identify and overcome emotional problems. The course, which you can complete at your own pace, helps you to develop good coping skills and offers a free self-help program to teach cognitive behaviour therapy skills to people vulnerable to depression and anxiety.


Mood Juice

This website offers self-help literature on a variety of issues including anger, anxiety, assertiveness, bereavement, depression, insomnia, obsessions and compulsions, panic, post-traumatic stress, shyness and social phobia.



A free online service which measures your mood everyday using a card game.  It helps you to track your scores to learn what may be causing your ups and downs. You can share your scores, using automatic online e-mails, with friends who have agreed to buddy you. This measure, track and share method can lift mood over time.  


Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier society. We want to see a fundamentally different way of life where people care less about what they can get for themselves and more about the happiness of others.

The movement brings together like-minded people from all walks of life, drawing on the latest scientific research and backed by leading experts from the fields of psychology, education, economics, social innovation and beyond.



Headspace is a project designed to demystify meditation. Using the wonders of science and technology, we make it easy-to-learn, fun-to-do, and relevant to your everyday life. 

Headspace is working to get as many people in the world as possible to take 10 minutes out of their day, to practice a simple and easy-to-learn meditation technique. And if you like the way it makes you feel, then we’d love to show you how to make that a life-long skill.