What kind of counselling and other interventions do you offer?

We offer open ended one to one counselling/psychotherapy.

We also offer Coping with Life Courses which are designed to help people with a range of common psychological difficulties. These are of six weeks duration and in a small group. 

Can I refer myself?

All our services are self-referral. We also accept referrals from individuals, GPs, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and other Health Professionals

How much choice will I have regarding which counsellor I see?

We aim to give as much choice as possible regarding gender, ethnic origin and age of counsellor. However, the more specific your requirements the longer you may have to wait for an appointment.

What will happen once I have made an initial contact?

We will talk with you to ascertain your needs and see how best we can meet them. You will then be referred for an assessment which may take up to three weeks.

What is your theoretical orientation?

Our counsellors come from a range of theoretical backgrounds and orientations. If there is one that you would particularly like to work with, please mention this during your assessment.

Can I have counselling in the evenings or weekends?

We have evening sessions every Tuesday and Wednesday until 9pm. We are closed at weekends.

Can I get counselling in another language?

We provide counselling in a number of different languages. Please contact us for more details on 020 3475 9705.