Diana’s Story 

When Diana first contacted our Peer Group Network it was soon after an episode of particularly bad mental health. At the time, due to her mental health difficulties, moving to a new area and family problems, she had become very isolated. She was unable to work, not pursuing any of her hobbies, and rarely meeting with friends.   
Diana started volunteering as a Peer Volunteer with our Musical Minds Group, before also getting involved with our Crafty Minds Group, Pilates and our Chatty Minds Group. For each group she brought her own skills, enthusiasm and interests, and would attend as a member as well to benefit from the support herself.  
Unfortunately, during her volunteering she became unwell again and had to step back from her role. During this time, she occasionally attended groups as a member when able, and says she found the RB Mind team very supportive, which really helped her to slowly build herself back up. This meant that she was able to bounce back much quicker than she was previously able to, and she returned to her volunteering roles as soon as she could. 
Her involvement with our peer groups both as a volunteer and a group member has not only significantly lowered Diana’s feelings of isolation, but it has also boosted her self-confidence and assertiveness; and has helped her to get back on track both physically and emotionally. She is now enrolled on our Level 2 Peer Mentor Accredited training and is really enjoying the new set of skills she is learning and she is looking forward to using them to support more people moving forwards. She recognises how this training has increased her confidence even further, as well as helping her to learn new things and providing a certificate to demonstrate her accomplishments. 
Diana says: “I feel that this has all been an important part of my recovery and that RB Mind has given me the direction and where to go with it. I know where I am now and I’m more confident in terms of knowing I’ll get back up after falling down”.