Volunteer Counsellors

RB Mind’s Counselling and Psychotherapy Service provides one-to-one counselling for those in need. The service is made up of a team of Volunteer Counsellors supported by our Psychotherapy and Counselling Coordinator, Lynn Bannister. 

After clients are initially assessed, they are assigned a Volunteer Counsellor for either a block of 12 weekly sessions or for an open-ended period of time depending on their needs. Each counsellor has a mix of clients from different backgrounds and with varying types of problems. Each Volunteer Counsellor is in turn supported by the wider RB Mind Counselling and Psychotherapy Team through clinical supervision.

Here we talk to two of our Volunteer Counsellors, Maggie and Louise, to find out about what they do and how talking therapies can help people.  

“The range of clients is great, it has been a great learning experience and can often be challenging,” says Maggie.

 “Mind has a very welcoming and supportive team,” Louise says. 

Her thoughts are echoed by Maggie. “There’s definitely a supportive atmosphere here, if you have any concerns then we are encouraged to raise them through supervision.”

As part of ongoing support, Volunteer Counsellors can undertake further training opportunities and courses both within RB Mind and externally. “There is a friendly atmosphere and I’ve got to know a few of the other counsellors which helps the learning process,” says Louise. “You feel you are part of something and that you are included even as a trainee.”

Providing emotional support is part of a Volunteer Counsellor’s role, Louise concludes: “It’s really about providing a space for people, where they feel safe.”

If you would like to apply to become a Volunteer Counsellor
please click here for more information.