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32 Hampton Road, Twickenham, TW2 5QB 

020 8948 7652

[email protected]

Wellbeing Centre Lead 
Ewa Rudz


Nearest train station: Strawberry Hill

Bus Route: 290, R70, 281, 267

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Wellbeing Centre Richmond

Groups and Sessions

Please read our Groups And Sessions Leaflet to find out about all the new groups available and the days and times of the sessions.

Wellbeing Centre Overview

The Wellbeing Centre is a referral only project that offers a creative programme for service users’ well-being and recovery. Service users are actively involved in the planning of activities and take part in running the project, together with our key helpers and volunteers.

Activities within the Wellbeing Centre include: art classes, creative writing, mindfulness and Reiki, nutrition/healthy-cooking activities, walking, exercise and yoga. Artwork produced at the Social Centre has been widely exhibited, e.g at Orleans’ House Gallery’s Art & Soul exhibitions.

The good thing about the Wellbeing Centre is that it is so friendly and very supportive. Many thanks to you all.

The Wellbeing Centre is a very friendly and welcoming place with an informal atmosphere, which offers people the opportunity to meet others with experience of mental distress. We offer affordable, healthy and freshly cooked lunches, and our activities are designed to help service users towards recovery. We also offer private and confidential emotional support, and one-to-one help to raise our service users’ aspirations, goals and ambitions. Our aim is to develop and reinforce people’s strengths while they try to achieve their goals in their journey towards recovery.

Recent surveys show that 96% of our service users see the staff at the Centre as being helpful, 86.4% believe that the service has encouraged them to get involved in the community, and 100% would recommend the Wellbeing Centre to a friend in need of support.

To access the Wellbeing Centre you will need to get a referral from a member of your community mental health team (CMHT), or from any other service provided by the Mental Health Trust with whom the Wellbeing Centre works closely. 

Recent surveys found that the Community Mental Health Teams see the Wellbeing Centre as ‘well organised, a caring and supportive environment, inclusive and a service that reduces isolation and increases integration to promote recovery.’