What is Mindkit? 

Mindkit is our youth wellbeing project for 14-25 year olds. 

Mindkit offers free, interactive Wellbeing and Resilience Sessions to groups of young people aged 14 to 25, in schools, colleges, universities, youth centres and a range of community organisations. 

Have you had a Mindkit session? 

Great! Hopefully you’ll be enjoying putting you new-found skills to good use! 

Here are some fab links to remind you of the top tactics you discovered for maintaining your wellbeing: 


You can get fantastic information on what mindfulness is, and how you can use it, at: http://bemindful.co.uk 

Or, find plenty of resources to learn more about mindfulness here: https://mindfulnessinschools.org  

5 Ways to Wellbeing 

Activities and information which introduce young people to the Five Ways to Wellbeing

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