School Workshops and Assemblies

We run a series of workshops and assemblies dealing with mental wellbeing issues for both primary and secondary schools in the borough. Details about our current workshops and assemblies can be found below.

Download our new Primary Schools programme.

Download our new Secondary Schools programme.

Primary Schools

Our sessions are designed to cover the topics in the Department of Education’s statutory guidance but presented in a way that primary school pupils can understand and relate to. We understand that schools’ timetables are not always flexible and so we will always try and accommodate this.

Assembly 1 – General Mental Wellbeing 

Workshop 1 – “How am I feeling today” – this workshop covers all the main topics of wellbeing at a general level.

Workshop 2 – “When I’m feeling sad” – this workshop covers in more depth the negative impacts of mental health. 

Workshop 3 – “Transitioning to secondary school“– a workshop for Year 6 to prepare them for the challenges ahead. 

Secondary Schools

These workshops cover the topics in the Department of Education’s guidance but in a more mature way and tailored to the particular concerns that children may have in this age range.

General Assembly – covering mental health wellbeing in general. 

Tailored Assemblies – designed to cover particular concerns such as bullying, self-esteem, anxiety and stress.

Dealing with bullying – covers the mental health impact of bullying and gives strategies for protecting your mental health. 

Self-esteem – looks at the effects of a negative body image on mental health and offers ways of promoting positive self-esteem. 

Stress, anxiety and depression – how to identify how stress and anxiety may be affecting your mental health and how to escape from this downward spiral. 

Exam stress – specifically deals with the pressure put on students by upcoming examinations and how they can protect their mental health. It also offers guidance on managing exam preparation. 

COVID-19 assemblies and workshops

Richmond Borough Mind has created a special assembly and workshop to support children in managing their mental health throughout these difficult times that can be screened directly into your classroom via Zoom. 

COVID-19 assembly – for primary and secondary schools, lasts for 15 minutes and gives an overview of life during the pandemic and in particular the lockdown. We deal with the effects that we may be experiencing such as anxiety and depression and coping with a new way of life. 

COVID-19 workshop –  a 45-minute workshop that goes into greater depth about the effects on our mental health that the pandemic may be having. We look at anxiety, depression, and problems at home as well as discussing the experience of being back at school in a very changed environment.

We are also always happy to specifically design something to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in Richmond Borough Mind coming into your school to deliver a workshop or assembly please contact:

Karen Ali – Schools Liaison Officer

07795 386 703

[email protected]