Join our #BeKindRichmond challenge


Join our #BeKindRichmond challenge starting Monday 18th May for Mental Health Awareness Week.

We are challenging you to think of fun, novel or everyday ways in which you (or someone you know) can be kind to others (or yourselves) starting this Monday. Email us at [email protected] with details of your acts of kindness with any accompanying photographs illustrating what you did and we will post them to our social networks throughout the week.


Why kindness?


Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. The theme this year was going to be sleep, but in light of recent developments this has been changed to kindness.

Mark Rowlands, Chief Executive of Mental Health Foundation tell us why he changed the theme:

Last week, I waited in a socially distanced queue outside the supermarket as the rain started to fall.
One of the staff noticed we were getting wet. He scurried away to find a pile of umbrellas, carefully disinfected the handles and passed them out with a smile. To my surprise, my eyes started to well up. At a time when I felt alone, I suddenly felt connected.

Acts of kindness can be as little as ensuring that our elderly neighbours get the shopping they need, to thanking the postman for delivering our mail. In the current crisis it can make all the difference.

Also, watch out for next week’s Memo in which we look at how being kind can be good for our health, and how kindness under lockdown is pervading all aspects of our collective lives from the world of work to the environmental campaign.