Decluttering for your mental health 


Along with the proven methods of exercise, getting enough sleep and eating well, there are other useful activities that can help improve your mental health especially during these unusual times of lock down and social distancing.

Home organization experts have always recommended decluttering to make the home safer and a more pleasant place to live.  However, scientific research also demonstrates that decluttering can have a positive effect on your own overall wellbeing.

Read on to discover some useful tips on how to start organising those cupboards and draws. 


How to get started 


Marie Kondo has a really inspiring way of decluttering with her KonMarie method: 

  • Organise by category – for instance all of your clothes or perhaps all of the children’s toys. 

  • Don’t take on too much at once. Pick one area or room at a time, perhaps your bedroom or maybe the pantry. It can be daunting if the house looks like it’s been hit by a whirlwind. 

  • Take all of the items in the category, for instance your clothes, and put them in a pile for sorting. 

  • Take each item in turn and see if, according to Marie, it sparks joy. If it does, keep it; if not, either put it in a pile for the charity shop or to be thrown away. 

  • When you have finished sorting, bag the piles for charity or discarding and move them out of the room. 


Organising what is left 


  •  Marie Kondo’s method is based on making sure that everything has a place, even your pet toys and items should be grouped together, perhaps in their own box. 

  • If you are organising your clothes, put all like items together e.g. T-shirts or trousers. Marie has a unique way of folding everything into thirds and rolling it before putting it into drawers so that each item is easy to see. For all other household items she recommends storing them upright and in boxes so that they are easy to see and access.

  • Make sure everything is easily accessible: don’t put the plates you use most often on the highest shelf, use that for the ice cream maker that is rarely used.

  • Vacuum bags are really useful for storing spare bedding, including duvets, or other items that you want to keep but don’t need to access often. When the air is removed you have a compact package that can be easily stored under beds or on top of cupboards. 

Finally when you have finished breathe a sigh of satisfaction, reward yourself with a nice cup of tea and look around at your showroom-tidy house. 


You can find more decluttering tips from Marie Kondo here: