How to stay connected this Christmas  


One thing is certain, Christmas won’t be the same this year. However, why not use the additional spare time we all seem to have to re-connect with friends, neighbours, and colleagues this Christmas? You can also plan how to stay connected with family you may not be able to see over the holidays. 


Make your virtual get-togethers a little special 

Many of us have become tech-savvy over the last nine months, so why not make your virtual catch- up a little different?  With a bit of forward planning you could post presents in advance and open them together on a video call and even have a game of virtual charades!  Crack open a cracker, don the paper party hat and see who has the worst joke. 


Send a Christmas card and letter 

Spend an afternoon writing cards and perhaps a letter too.  Just thinking about the person you’re writing to will give you a sense of connection. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could make your own cards. 


Watch a Christmas movie with someone 


If you’ve got Netflix or Disney Plus, then you can stream movies at the same time using Teleparty. It synchronises video playback and offers a chat function so you can watch and chat to people in real-time, with anyone, whether they’re across the road, country, or pond.  


Online games 

We may have got a little tired of the virtual quiz nights at the beginning of lockdown but why not organise one with friends or family in the run up to Christmas – try Gooses quizzes.  And if you’re worried about missing the round of board games played over Christmas, try some of the online games you can play such as Skribbl for the classic Pictionary. 


The gift of connecting  

As Christmas is about giving, remember that a little kindness goes a long way. Whether it’s checking-in with a neighbour or reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, or just a friendly smile to a passer-by on your festive walks. There are lots of ways we can stay connected this festive season.