Managing our thoughts and feelings – a guide to RB Mind services 


With all the changes going on in our lives at present, it is likely you or someone you know or care for might be experiencing anxiety, low mood and stress. Richmond Borough Mind has a range of services to help people deal with difficult thoughts and feelings at this time. Here is the help we offer. 

Please note: many of our services are currently being provided online or over the phone. Visit the page of the service you are interested in for information. 

More than a bad day? 

We all need emotional support. Feelings such as low mood, stress and anxiety can impact our mental health, and sometimes you just need to talk about it. We offer a safe place where you can speak to someone who will listen, offer you support and guide you to further help if needed. Our listeners are trained mental health workers who listen with compassion and are non-judgmental. 

Call us now if you need someone to talk to on 020 3137 9590.

Click here for more information on our helpline service

Feeling low or anxious? 

Our Richmond Wellbeing Service provides support for those of us experiencing common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety using a cognitive behavioural approach. Most work is done in groups but one-to-one support is available on a short-term basis. Our Psychotherapy and Counselling service offers one-to-one therapy on a longer-term basis giving clients the opportunity to explore psychological difficulties using a range of approaches from psychodynamic to person-centred. There is currently a waiting time of around 12 weeks for our Psychotherapy and Counselling service.

Feeling lonely or isolated? 

Our Peer Group Network offers activity groups run by, and for, people experiencing mental health problems. It is a chance for people feeling lonely and isolated to socialise with others with a shared interest. Groups are creative and inclusive – and are a perfect way to re-discover meaning in your live. They include Arts and Crafts, Music, Reading and Cooking. Our Wellbeing Centre provides educational, creative and social activities for those of us with longer-term mental health problems. These include Art, Relaxation and Creative Writing groups, as well as opportunities for structured one-to-one support.

In immediate crisis? 

Our Journey Recovery Hubs provide out-of-hours support to those living with mental health problems, aiming to prevent escalation, reduce isolation, increase independence and self-management, and improve wellbeing. The main aim is to support people to reduce immediate crisis and to safety plan, drawing on strengths, resilience, and coping mechanisms.

Caring for someone? 

Our Carers in Mind team supports families and friends supporting someone over 18, who is experiencing mental health problems. If you are caring for someone and you need help, please contact us. We provide support groups, social activities and one-to-one advice and guidance. We also offer training and information to help carers to be more confident in their roles. 

Need help in your school or business? 

We run a variety of Youth Wellbeing projects in schools including free Mental Health Awareness assemblies and workshops; after-school programmes to help build resilience; and one-to-one peer mentoring support. With so many children and young people experiencing disruption to their lives and education over the last two years, it seems a better time than ever to give us a call.   

We also work with organisations in the borough to give staff skills and support through courses on Mental Health Awareness, Workplace Wellbeing, and Stress Management for Managers. With the huge transformation we have witnessed in the world of work over the last two years, it seems now is an ideal time to focus on mental health and staff welfare as a priority in the workplace.  

If your school or business would like us to arrange a workshop please contact us to find out more.  

You can find more information under the individual service pages or by calling us on 020 3137 9590.

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