In the spotlight – Linda’s story


Having been bullied as a child, Linda found it hard to engage with other people and pursue any interests due to her lack of confidence. Her physical and mental health problems compounded this further. She had been attending the Wellbeing Centre for a considerable time and whilst benefitting greatly from the activities and the structure that this regular attendance provided, she still found it difficult to come out of her shell. Rather than engaging with other service users and staff, Linda often found it easier to listen to music on her headphones or become preoccupied with her mobile phone.  

Noticing Linda’s lack of confidence in social settings, a member of staff offered her regular one-to-one sessions to better understand the causes of her behaviour. By making use of the Recovery Star, we were able to highlight a number of areas that were contributing to her lack of confidence and based on this information we created a structured weekly routine for Linda to follow. In her one-to-one sessions, we reviewed Linda’s progress, offering her encouragement and tailored support depending on the challenges she was facing.  

Over several months, Linda was better able to explore her interests and find the courage to attend a range of smaller activities and social groups within and beyond the Wellbeing Centre. This has built her confidence to express herself. Her progress is most obvious in our Creative Writing group. Initially Linda was only able to contribute a line or two, whereas now she is able to compose entire poems and has the confidence to share those with the group. As her confidence continues to grow, Linda’s social skills have also improved. She now feels able to initiate conversations and maintain social interactions for sustained periods of time.