Wellbeing Centre Poetry and Art

Gordon, a member of our Wellbeing Centre Creative Writing Group and Art Group, shares his response to the current times through poetry and art:


Residing in splendid isolation, living in bittersweet solitude
Knowing empty days and hollow nights, with dreams of endless oceans
Numb to the human touch, disconnected and socially fading
Anxiety rising from the depths, shades of realised uncertainty
Welcoming an absence of company, for the dread of socialising
Overwhelming feelings invite silence in place of conversation
The smile of a shatter proof mask hides the stress of gatherings
Admire the distance, spaces between people, no more crowds only
The residue of friendships, the experience of being alone


The picture below of ‘Chaos to order’ was created from a photo taken on my iPhone then edited in a photo app using my iPad.

I find that any form of art is a great way to be creative. The art group gives me the opportunity to explore artistic ideas and to lose myself in the moment of creating something, it is a good way to forget about the issues of the day.