Time to talk
38 percent of british workers fear revealing a mental health problem at work would jeopardise their career

Fear of discrimination and stigma prevent many of us talking about our mental health at work.  This masks the true extent of the problem, leaves individuals vulnerable to more serious mental illness and costs billions in absence every year.


Time to Talk Day is on 3rd February 2022.  Richmond Borough Mind want to help your organisation start a conversation about mental health. 


We’ve developed a 90 minute online workshop which addresses the myths of talking about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.  


This workshop will:

· Give an overview of the impact of mental health stigma on organisations  

· Examine the psychology and look at the reasons mental health stigma still exists, from self-stigma, social stigma and institutional stigma 

· Share ways that managers and employees can communicate effectively, seek help and provide supportive mechanisms 


The first 10 workshops booked will be just £150. 

Contact Kirsty McLachlan at [email protected], or on 07598 581268. 


Workshops can be attended by up to 30 people:

· Book a time convenient for your organisation or team

· Benefit from 2 experienced mental health trainers on each workshop

· Consolidate learning with a supporting workbook for attendees

· Compliment your employee wellbeing programme


RB Mind provides bespoke training around a variety of mental health topics, including mental health awareness, building resilience and improving emotional intelligence.

For more information, chat about your requirements or discover other ways RB Mind can support you, please contact Kirsty McLachlan at [email protected], or on 07598 581268.