Is this service for me?

Carers in Mind provides support for adults caring for adults with mental health issues. It doesn’t matter if the person you are caring for has a mental health diagnosis or not, or if they are accessing services.  

Are you a carer?

A carer is someone giving unpaid support to another person, who could not manage without their help. Often this is family member or a friend. You may be providing emotional, practical or financial support. The support you are giving may be having a negative effect on your own wellbeing.

You may not realise you are a carer, or consider yourself to be a carer even if you are supporting another person. Are you perhaps concerned about your partner’s mental health and want to speak to someone about how to help?

No matter who you are, the Carers in Mind team is here to support you in your role and journey as a person supporting someone with their mental health (otherwise known as a carer).

What can I expect?

We can help you through one-to-one support sessions, educational workshops and social activities in which you get a chance to meet other people in a similar position and peer support.

How do I access this service?

Carers Hub

Carers in Mind is part of the ‘Carers hub’, that provides support to carers in Richmond.  Each organisation in the hub has a different focus on support for carers, depending on the issue the person they care for is facing.

The five carers hub organisations are

  • Richmond Carers Centre – for all carers
  • Richmond Borough Mind – for carers of someone with a mental health issue
  • Addiction Support and Care Agency – for carers of someone with an alcohol or drug addiction
  • Integrated Neurological Services – for carers of someone with a neurological condition
  • Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston – respite care for all carers