Is this service for me?

If your mental health would benefit from ongoing support, Mind n’ Mortlake offers 1–to–1 support, plus support from your peers.  This friendly group enjoys social outings together and aims to assist individuals to identify their needs, aspirations and goals, and build up self-esteem and confidence to pursue them.

What can I expect?

Mind n’ Mortlake takes place on Fridays: 1.30pm -4.30pm.

On alternative weeks we meet for a group session or outing.  Outings can be a visit to a park, farm or art gallery.  The choice of outing is led by the group, everyone is encouraged to make suggestions.

Every other week there is an opportunity to book a confidential 1–to-1 phone call with a support worker. These sessions are up to 30 minutes in length and provide our clients with emotional support and the opportunity to explore grounding & destressing techniques alongside other forms of practical support. On these weeks the group does not meet.

How do I access this service?