1 in 4 of us will suffer with a mental health problem in any given year.  So even in a small team, there’s probably someone suffering right now.

We’re passionate about breaking down mental health stigma in the workplace.  This is reflected in our style of training, we want to get people talking and supporting one another.

We’ve supported corporates, local business, charities, Universities and schools to embed a culture of supported wellbeing through our training workshops.

Whether you’re looking to run a one-off workshop on a specific topic or a programme of mental health and wellbeing training across all staff levels, we can work with you to provide practical, evidence-based tools and a safe, inclusive space to educate, empower and inspire individuals. 

By choosing us as your training provider not only will you be achieving your training objectives, you’ll also be helping fund our work in the community.

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Why choose us?

Depth of Trainer Knowledge and Experience:

Our trainers come from a range of professional backgrounds, including psychotherapy, crisis support, sexual violence advocacy, support for carers, cancer patient support, nutrition, education and Human Resources, bringing a real depth and credibility to the material.  Importantly, a number of our trainers have lived experience of mental health problems and use their experience and storytelling to bring the material to life.

Flexible Training Delivery:

We can deliver training both in person and online, in webinar style as well as interactive facilitative workshops, and we are creative in the use of online platforms and tools to bring the same energy to the remote workshops as we create in our face-to-face environment.  We schedule workshops at a time that suits your organisation, both in and out of hours, and content can be adapted to suit smaller or larger audiences.

Engaging Evidence-based Content:

Our workshop content is evidence-based and caters for a range of learning styles, including theory-based content, space for reflection, practical activities and tasks, and engaging audiovisual materials.

Practical Takeaway Tools and Exercises:

The key to making tangible positive changes to wellbeing is by applying in class learning to everyday life.  Through our training, the attendee will be equipped with a variety of practical tools, exercises and activities to take away to consolidate and embed learning after the workshop. 

Accessible and Inclusive:

Our main agenda is to provide a safe and inclusive space by considering access and additional needs, acknowledging and respecting cultural difference, and demonstrating anti-discrimination values. We empower attendees to share their own experiences and knowledge to ensure a rich learning experience and to engage the same energy and passion for supporting wellbeing that the RB Mind team do.

Evaluation and Quality Assurance

We will work with you to set and review objectives for training and evaluate the delivery of these using a variety of methods (in-workshop ratings, post-workshop evaluation forms online or hard copy, schedule of post-workshop engagement to evaluate lasting change where appropriate).