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Is this service for me?

If you are in emotional need and looking for a safe confidential space to explore your psychological difficulties, we are here for you.  We welcome people with a whole range of issues, including complex needs and severe mental illness.

Due to very high demand we are not currently taking referrals for individual therapies,  our sessions slots and waiting list are both full.  

You may find these alternative low cost directories helpful

Free Psychotherapy Network

Counselling Directory – Find a Counsellor Near You

Find a Therapist (psychotherapy.org.uk)

BACP Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists

What can I expect?

Our Psychotherapy and Counselling service offers a range of therapeutic interventions tailored to meet your needs. From individual therapies including psychodynamic, art, integrative, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to group therapies featuring creative therapies (art, music, dance movement) and specialist or culturally specific therapeutic groups, our diverse team of therapists are equipped to support you.

All of our therapists work within the ethical framework of the organisation of which they are a member, such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

We encourage people to attend their sessions in person, we can still offer remote therapy via Microsoft Teams for those who require it.

Call us on 020 3475 9705 or email: [email protected]

Sessions are scheduled on the following days and times:
Tuesday: 10am-9pm
Wednesday: 10am-9pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm

Is there a cost for therapy?

There is a charge for the initial assessment session and any ongoing therapy sessions. We operate on a sliding scale and offer three possible fees depending on income:

  1. £10/session: people on benefits/earning less than £15k/year – limited places.
  2. £25/session: people with an annual income between £15k and £25k
  3. £40/session: people on an annual income above £25k 

How many sessions do I get?

Our individual therapy service offers 20 sessions for talking and art therapy.

In cases where talking therapy may not be the best option initially, short-term CBT or trauma-focused interventions may be recommended and delivered as a first course of treatment.

We have limited places for longer-term therapy (up to 40 weeks) for people with complex needs.

Groups vary in length from 6 weeks to ongoing depending on each group.

How do I access this service?