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About our service

Peer mentoring consists of 1-to-1 support for young people aged 12 to 25. We have multiple trained peer mentors, all under 25, who are there to listen, empathise, help set goals and provide encouragement.

Our peer mentors will use their own lived experience as well as their training to provide support, connection and guidance to their mentees. All with the goal of working towards better mental health and self-confidence.

What can I expect?

All mentees are matched with a peer mentor based on their common experience, the mentee’s preferences and availability. Mentees will be offered 6-8 sessions over the phone, video call or in-person. 

We will focus on building confidence, developing new coping strategies and setting goals;  adapted to the mentee’s specific needs or areas they wish to focus on. Sessions may be built around specific activities or worksheets, but there may also be sessions that are less structured and used as a space for mentees to talk through their challenges. 

All sessions are confidential unless the peer mentor has reason to believe that their mentee or anyone else is at risk. 

How do I access this service?