Carers in Mind

Carers in Mind provides support for adults caring for someone with mental health issues, living in the borough of Richmond. You may be caring for a young person or an adult.

Are you a carer?
Who we help
Our beliefs
Who we are
How we can help
How to contact us and get help
About the Richmond Carers Hub Service

Are you a carer?

A carer is someone of any age giving unpaid support to another person, who could not manage without their help. Often this is family member or a friend. You may be providing emotional, practical or financial support. The support you are giving may be having a negative effect on your own wellbeing.

You may not realise you are a carer, or do not consider yourself to be a carer even if you are supporting another person. You may have been caring for a long time, or only very recently. You may have been caring off and on for many years. Each experience is unique.

  • Is your teenage son or daughter self-harming and you don’t know how to help?
  • Maybe your child is finding it hard to cope at school and it’s affecting their mental health, and possibly now your own?
  • Are you concerned about your partner’s mental health and want to speak to someone about how to help?

No matter who you are, the Carers in Mind team is here to support you in your role and journey as a person supporting someone with their mental health (otherwise known as a carer).

Who we help

  • Carers in Mind supports adults supporting a person of any age with a mental health problem, either diagnosed or not diagnosed
  • Either carer or the person who is cared for live in the borough of Richmond
  • The person cared for has a non-organic mental health issue.

Our beliefs

  • As a carer you should be recognised and listened to by professionals as an expert partner in providing care
  • You should have access to specialist information, advice and guidance that supports you in your role
  • You should be treated with dignity and respect and involved in decisions that affect you and/or the person you care for whenever possible
  • If the person you care for wishes their treatment to be kept confidential you should still be given sufficient information, in a way that you can readily understand, to help you care safely and effectively
  • We work with partner organisations to promote carers as expert partners in care, and to improve awareness of mental health carers’ needs and services.

Who we are

We are a staff team of three, and we work closely with a team of fantastic volunteers.

All team members support people that support others living with a mental health condition. Some people we support are dealing with a mental health crisis in the family, and facing complex and/or urgent problems.

Together we deliver one-to-one casework; empower our clients to support themselves and step in to speak for them if required; organise, promote and deliver support, leisure and educational activities; and work in partnership with other organisations to deliver the service.

How we can help

We support mental health carers in line with our beliefs, as stated above.

We support people who are caring for someone in crisis (e.g they are in hospital or under the Home Treatment Team) and those who are living in the community, regardless of whether they are receiving treatment from mental health services.

We offer all carers:

  • A caring, friendly listening ear
  • Confidential support – time to be heard, to reflect and receive emotional support. Read more here.
  • Guidance and support for you to access help, empower you to make informed decisions and hopefully feel better
  • The option to meet face-to-face, either indoors or outside for a walk (Covid-19 safety guidelines apply)
  • Educational/informative workshops and materials tailored to your needs designed to increase your knowledge and confidence to manage life as a mental health carer. Read more here.
  • Opportunities to meet with other people in a similar position, for peer support in a group setting. Read more here.
  • Opportunities for other carers to support you, one-to-one
  • Regular opportunities to tell us what you need from us. We listen to carers and endeavour to shape our services based on your feedback and to help you advocate for change to the way health and social care services are run. Read more here.

How to contact us and get help

Our service is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, and also operates some services in the evenings.

We are based in central Twickenham. Our address is:

UK House, 1st Floor, 82 Heath Road, Twickenham TW1 4BW

Alternatively you can contact us by phone or email:

Telephone: 020 8940 7384

Email: [email protected]

You will be contacted back by a member of the team within five working days. We will ask you to provide more details about your situation, and arrange a one-to-one appointment to find out how we can support you. We will develop a plan based upon your needs, and you will be able to access the activities and training that we offer.

For professionals referring into the service:

Please download and complete the referral form here and send it to [email protected]

Alternatively, call us on 020 8940 7384.

If the carer has consented to the referral we will make contact with the carer within five working days.

Carers Hub Service

Carers in Mind belongs to a group of five organisations that provide support to carers in Richmond. Each of these organisations provides a different focus of support for carers, depending on the issue the person they care for is facing. The five carers hub organisations are:

  • Richmond Carers Centre – for all carers
  • Richmond Borough Mind – for carers of someone with a mental health issue
  • Addiction Support and Care Agency – for carers of someone with an alcohol or drug addiction
  • Integrated Neurological Services – for carers of someone with a neurological condition
  • Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston – respite care for all carers