Carers in Mind are offering telephone and online support to our current carers.  From Monday 6th April we are also taking new referrals over the telephone – please call 020 8940 7384 or email [email protected]


Project Details

First Floor Rear, UK House, 82 Heath Rd., Twickenham TW1 4BW

020 8940 7384 

[email protected]

Carers in Mind Support Worker 
Kathleen Boisseau 

Acute Carers Recovery Worker
Georgia Meade

You can find directions to UK House here

Carers in Mind leaflet

Support Services for Families and Friends

Are you supporting, or intending to support, an adult with severe mental health problems?

You could be a partner, family member, friend or neighbour giving support to someone.

Specialist Services to Support You

Carers in Mind offers a specialist service to families and friends supporting someone with severe mental health problems and we have a range of different services to support you in your role.

Families and friends play a vital role in supporting people experiencing severe mental health problems. Sometimes the demands of supporting someone can impact on your own wellbeing and it can be helpful to get support from people who understand your role and can offer professional advice and guidance.

If you, or the person you support, live in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, please contact our carers team and we will arrange to meet up with you to talk about what is happening and to consider what might be most helpful for you at this time.

Carers Assessment

If you are providing unpaid help to someone who couldn’t manage otherwise then you are a called a ‘carer’ and you have certain rights under The Care Act 2014. 

As a carer it is important for your needs to be taken into account and this is done through having a carers assessment. 

On the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames website you can fill out a carers’ self-appraisal form which is designed to help you think about your situation and consider what support you need in your role as a carer. If you submit the form, Richmond Council will begin the assessment process, which means someone will contact you about the information you have given.

Please see more information about carers’ self-appraisal and assessments here.   

If the person you support is under services provided by South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust please ask the care coordinator or psychiatrist for a carers assessment. Alternatively you can contact us if you would like more information.

We believe:

  • As a carer you should be recognised and listened to by professionals as an expert partner in providing care.
  • You should have access to specialist information, advice and guidance that supports you in your role.
  • You should be treated with dignity and respect and involved in decisions that affect you and/or the person you care for whenever possible.
  • If the person you care for wishes their treatment to be kept confidential you should still be given sufficient information, in a way that you can readily understand, to help you care safely and effectively.
  • We work with partners to promote carers as expert partners in care and to improve awareness of mental health carers’ needs and services offered to mental health carers.

The Richmond Carers Hub Service 

We work in partnership with The Richmond Carers Hub to deliver services for local carers. Please see their website for more information.