Is this service for me?

We all need emotional support, particularly during difficult times. If you need to talk to someone right now about a mental health problem, we are here to listen to you.

What can I expect?

We are a free confidential support line. Our volunteers listen with compassion and are non-judgmental. We can help you by:

  • providing a ‘listening ear’ when you need someone to talk to
  • wellbeing advice and ways to deal with your current situation
  • talk to you about different therapies that can help and how to access them
  • point you in the right direction of where you can get further help and support

How do I access this service?

Call our helpline now if you need someone to talk on 020 3137 9590 or email: [email protected]

Monday to Friday: 11am-8.30pm

Saturday: 2-5pm

Sunday: 2-5pm